3D Modeling and Documentation of Cultural Heritage

  • 3D models for cultural aplications (point clouds, detailed polygonal models, photorealistic 3D models, virtual exhibits)
  • Virtual tours
  • Multimedia presentations of the history of the Monuments
  • 2D Documentation using specialised equipment
  • Development of virtual museums with 3D virtual exhibits
  • 3D models of monuments (as build, orthophotos)
  • Development of databases of cultural content
  • Development of cultural smartphone applications

Large-scale 3D documentation.

  • Architecture (buildings, outdoor spaces, monuments and historical buildings).
  • Applications in construction works (deformation in bridges, tunnels, dams, roads, junctions, etc., control and monitoring of construction,  behavior monitoring, control of deformations – movements, maintenance, etc.).
  • Archaeology (monuments, archaeological sites, monitoring and documentation of excavations).
  • Mechanical applications (documentation – as build of industrial facilities, refineries, modeling of machinery, vehicles, etc.).
  • Geological, geotechnical applications (mapping of geological formations, behavioral monitoring and control of slope movement, etc.
Stochastic Signals & Systems:
  • Modeling, Analysis & Prediction of Long Memory Signals and Systems
  • Modeling, Analysis & Prediction of Non-Stationary Signals and Systems
  • Modeling, Analysis & Prediction of Non-linear Signals and Systems
  • Stochastic Diagnosis and Identification of Lesions
Design & Development of Information & Computer Systems 
  • Manufacture of “smart” electronic insect traps
  • Automated insect recognition with deep learning techniques
  • Dynamic modeling and prediction of the evolution of insect populations

Design & Manufacturing of Medical 3D Models

  • Design and manufacture of implants and medical 3D models from CT and MRI data With the application of rapid prototyping in medical applications.
  • 3D printing of exact replicas for hard and soft tissues of the human body for surgical pre-operative planning. 

Modeling and Analysis of Physical and Structural Problems

Using advanced commercial or custom developed (in house developed) software and a parallel processing computers (cluster).

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